D2.2 - "Virtual Collections" Management Policy

Report on Deliverable 2.2 ("Virtual Collections" Management Policy)

The main aim of Task 1.1 (“Develop Policies for Virtual CM and Integrate JRA Outputs”) is to collate existing European virtual collection policies and to use them as a basis for recommendations on common European virtual (or digital) data management policies and procedures. Task 1.1 is part of Objective 1 and, like the latter, led by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN). Further participants of the Task are: CSIC, MRAC, NHM, NMP, RBGE, RBGK, and UCPH. An essential requirement for the Tasks work is a close cooperation with the SYNTHESYS JRA Objective 4 (“Access and Management of an Integrated European Digital Collection”). To take advantage of additional expertise, the CETAF Collections Policy Board (CPB), the CETAF Digitization Working Group (DWG), and other external experts were involved as well. Apart from the close collaboration with the SYNTHESYS JRA and the CETAF CPB and DWG, Deliverable 2.2 is closely linked to Deliverable 2.1 ("Virtual Collections" Management Policy Meeting): Its associated report (January 2016) already covered some activities described below (http://synthesys3.myspecies.info/system/files/Report_Deliverable_2.1_281...). During the CETAF CPB core group meeting in Paris (22nd to 23rd July 2015), it was decided to split the final output of Task 1.1 (Deliverable 2.2) into two components: One is an online handbook with recommendations on Management Policies on Digital Collections (MPDC), the other is a short policy statement on digital data produced by guests or other external users of natural history (NH) collections. After completion of the Task, the handbook is to be adopted by the CETAF DWG. The policy statement is to be adopted by the CETAF CPB.

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