This page will hold information on the management structure and procedures of the project

SYNTHESYS3 has three functionally distinct elements that have the unified aim of delivering to the User community enhanced access to the NH collections of the Beneficiaries. They are:
1. Transnational Access (TA): Physical access to 15 of the major collections-holding institutions
in Europe; organised for SYNTHESYS as 11 national Transnational Access Facilities (TAFs).

2. Joint Research Activity (JRA): Developing new techniques to improve and enhance the
creation of virtual collections.

3. Networking Activities (NA): Improving collections management of new physical and virtual
collections and ensuring the impact, innovation and sustainability of the project.

Organisational structure

The three functionally distinct elements require a management model that enables the eleven TAF Leaders, JRA Leader and the two technical NA Leaders to exchange ideas and experiences while working towards deliverables. The SYNTHESYS3 Coordinator will use three management teams, namely: NHM Management Team (NHMMT), Access Steering Group (ASG) and Networking and Research Steering Group (NRSG) to ensure clear communication among WP Leaders. All three teams will meet at the end of RP1 & RP2 for a GM, which will set the scene for the coming period’s work as well as report on the deliverables of the previous reporting period. The resultant outcomes will be promoted to the Consortium members, and subsequently to the whole User community.

The diagram overleaf gives an overview of the SYNTHESYS3 management structure. The SYNTHESYS3 Coordinator has the support of a Project Manager (PM) who will be the first point of contact for all WP matters. She will also act as SYNTHESYS Access Leader (SAL) and will manage the TA component of the project. The PM and Administration Assistant (AA) will assist with the organisation of conferences, workshops and production/dissemination of publications resulting from the work of the project. The PM will be responsible for managing the project finances by coordinating the establishment of the financial
reporting and audit procedures across the SYNTHESYS3 Consortium, in line with EU requirements.

NHMMT (comprising the SYNTHESYS3 Co-ordinator, PM and AA) monthly meetings will be the mechanism used to ensure that all the components are integrated and communicating effectively and to monitor risks to the Project. NHMMT will maintain an up-to-date Risk Register, which will serve to alert the Consortium to any slippage on deliverables and any under-performing Beneficiaries. The Risk Register will be circulated to Beneficiaries every six months.

NHMMT will also be responsible for ensuring that SYNTHESYS3 works in collaboration (and thus avoid duplication of effort) with relevant EU-funded initiatives, such as LifeWatch, and OpenUp! The diagram overleaf highlights projects that the SYNTHESYS3 Consortium has already identified as potential collaborators.

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