D2.2 - Common Principles on Digital Data produced by External Users of NH Collections

This document is one of two outcomes within the framework of Deliverable 2.2 (NA2 Objective 1 Task 1.1): "Virtual Collections" Management Policy".


The present document was created within the framework of SYNTHESYS3 NA2 Objective 1 Task 1.1 / "Develop policies for virtual CM and integrate JRA outputs", which is led by the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (MfN), with the participation of the following institutions: NHM, RBGK, RBGE, UCPH, CSIC, RMCA, NHMW and NMP. It is a result of research on available digital data management policies as well as other principles and adapted to the requirements of European institutions housing Natural History (NH) collections based on discussion with project partners and CPB1 members.

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