T4.1.1 - Digitisation using Automated File Renaming and Image Processing


Efficient mass digitisation requires pre-digitisation expert curation. By integrating temporary barcode labels during curation, which encode basic metadata, collections become available for downstream mass digitisation using automated file renaming, image processing, and bulk ingest into the collection management system. The automated file renaming process, developed during the Phthiraptera Slide Digitisation Project at the Natural History Museum (NHM), reduces the image post processing time and potential for human error when renaming files. This automated renaming process is accomplished by using two additional barcodes in each image that encode the Location and Taxon information. Temporary labels with these additional metadata encoded barcodes were generated from the collection management system and inserted into the collection prior to digitisation.
Automated File Renaming and Processing
Future Development
Author Contributions

  • Workflow 1 - Multiple Barcode Digitisation
  • Workflow 2 - Automated Renaming and Image Processing
  • Workflow 3 - File Transfer and Database Ingest
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