Establish network of DNA and tissue banks

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Work with Biological Resource Centres and ESBB to establish a network of DNA and tissue banks in Europe. Advice will be sought from seed and germplasm banks who have already overcome some of the potential issues for their specific group of organisms. The aims of this network will be to:
1) Enable easy access and exchange of DNA, RNA, and tissue samples

2) Coordinate the use of protocols to improve the storage of and access to collections (with Task 1.1)

3) Extend the international participation in the DNA Bank Network

4) Enhance the information system to better cover the links between specimens, tissue collections, and DNA/RNA collections.

5) Integrate RNA collections into the access system

6) Investigate integration of the network with ESBB to strengthen the biodiversity biobank community, and join efforts to integrate with the BBMRI and the GBRCN project.

7) Investigate the inclusion of samples stored using new techniques

8) Adapt existing business plan for the technical maintenance of the network (if necessary), establish fee-basedlong term maintenance.

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In progress

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