SYNTHESYS3: what's new on the management site


Dear SYNTHESYS3 colleagues,

A couple of recent additions to the management website literature<> page:

- SYNTHESYS3 logos<> for use in presentations, seminars etc. can be downloaded.

- Minutes and presentations from the kick-off meetings (General<>, NA2<>, NA3<> and JRA<>).

- JRA<> and NA<> workplans (NA3 to follow soon).

- Minutes from preliminary JRA (Skype) meetings. If you are involved in the JRA please have a look at these.

- Guidelines for project reporting<>

Having trouble viewing the files? Reports and public deliverables are available for anyone visiting the site to view on the 'Reports/Outcomes<>' page - this ensures that we are making the project outputs and contracted deliverables available to a wide audience. However, internal consortium documents posted on the 'Literature' page (essentially our project 'library' of reference documents) can only be accessed if you are logged in. So log in, and if you still can't see them then let me know.

Our first project AGM will be held at MfN, Berlin on Sunday 7th September. Due to budget limitations, the invitations have been sent to WP Leaders only (NRSG + ASG) but if you have any items you would like to include on the agenda please let me know.

Kind regards,


P.S. Apologies for those of you receiving this e-mail multiple times. I have used our workpackage e-mail addresses so if you have signed up for several workpackages then you may receive this e-mail several times.

Dr Kristina Gorman
SYNTHESYS Project Manager
Research & Consulting Office
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD, UK
Tel: (+44) (0)207 942 5816


NHM Consulting:<>

Please note I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For urgent enquiries please contact<>.

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