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Pilot study into optimal crowdsourcing processes for NH institutions Task 3.1.4


In collaboration with the JRA, a two-phase pilot project will be completed. Phase 1 will identify which are the most appropriate target groups for crowdsourcing. The review will include general public, amateur taxonomists/retired experts and other researchers. This will be achieved by: i) mapping the current Users of the collection facilities and then identify who are the ‘Power Users’; ii) data mine social media for active cyber users with a clear interest in biodiversity. These users will then be approached to engage in the crowdsourcing website development and testing. Phase 2 will look at what projects are the most appropriate and engaging for use with crowdsourcing efforts. The results will feed in to the development of the crowdsourcing websites (JRA, task 2.2) and can be used by other NH organisations interested in using crowdsourcing as a way of increasing the volume of data associated with their digitised collections.

Sun, 2014-08-31 01:00 Completed
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