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Development of website to allow crowdsourcing data capture Task 4.3.2


Development of website to allow crowdsourcing data capture

Engage with existing crowdsourcing sites and use the results of the pilot study (NA 3 task 1.4) to develop an
online mechanism for allowing the public to engage with biodiversity research. As part of this work, map the
Darwin Core data standard field to crowdsource label data information, ensuring that the collected data maps
to existing NH collections data management systems. Once these integration mechanisms exist, the resultant
website will be a sustainable source of volunteers that NH institutions can engage with after the life of the
project. SYNTHESYS3 will offer LifeWatch the technology developed to use as a basis for its own crowdsourcing

The crowdsourcing website will be monitored and the User engagement tracked. This will be used further
improve User uptake. Recommendations will be made on the organisational embedding and sustainability of the
website into Consortium partners’ subsequent workflows.

Wed, 2016-08-31 (All day) In progress
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