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Promote the outputs of SYNTHESYS3 both within and outside of Europe, including:

Promotion of CSAT (NA2, task 3.1) internationally to allow institutions in Third Countries to assess the status of their CM and provide information on where they need to adopt better standards.

The crowdsourcing website (JRA, task 2.2) will be promoted to appropriate European stakeholders (Task 1.4).

The expertise of citizen science projects such as Open Air Laboratories ( will be used to engage with members of the public. NA3 and JRA will work with Participants to develop the software to meet their specific needs. Once the tool is well developed, NA3 will explore the opportunities of providing the software to NH institutions outside the SYNTHESYS3 Consortium.

The immediate European NH community will the reached via CETAF and the CPB. All relevant outputs will be channelled directly into EU-CoM. Disseminating outputs beyond the realm of the European NH community will be achieved via routes including: SPNHC, TDWG, GBIF and ISBER

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