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Outputs of the WP4
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Task 2.1.1

Develop policies for virtual CM (CM) and integrate JRA outputs

Task 2.1.2

Produce handbook of best practice and standards for 3D imaging of NH specimens

Task 2.1.3

Develop policies for new physical CM

Task 2.2.1

Develop strategic priorities for barcoding of NH collections

Task 2.2.2

Develop strategic priorities for DNA library creation of NH collections

Task 2.2.3

Develop protocols for data collection from DNA extraction

Task 2.2.4

Establish network of DNA and tissue banks

Task 3.1

Collections Self Assessment provision

Task 3.1.1

Engagement of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Task 3.1.2

Foster relationships with industry and support technological development

Task 3.1.3

Pilot study into optimal digitisation technologies and equipment

Task 3.1.4

Pilot study into optimal crowdsourcing processes for NH institutions

Task 3.2

Integration of new CM approaches into the CSAT

Task 3.2.1

Promotion and dissemination

Task 3.2.2

Improved access to collections and contribution to ERA

Task 3.3.1

Meeting the future needs of Users of NH institutions

Task 3.3.2

Facilitating Access beyond SYNTHESYS3

Task 4.1.1
Task 4.1.2
Task 4.1.3
Task 4.2.1

Research on different 3D techniques

Task 4.2.2

Micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT) for NH collections

Task 4.3.1

Research into crowdsourcing methodologies for NH collections

Task 4.3.2

Development of website to allow crowdsourcing data capture

Task 4.4.1

Feasibility research on a “digitise on demand” (DoD) service for European NH Institutions

Task 4.4.2

Open Access to captured data

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