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2013Synthesis of Systematic Resources - Annex I: Description of Work
NHMMT2013SYNTHESYS3 logos and template slides
von Rintelen, T2013NA2 Kickoff meeting minutes
Gorman, K2014SYNTHESYS3 project management website guidance
Haston, E2014JRA Kick-off meeting agenda, March 12th 2014, NHM London
Gorman, K2014Project Kick-off (NRSG) and NA3 meeting agenda, March 13th 2014, NHM London
Haston, E2014Minutes of SYNTHESYS3 JRA Objective Leaders meeting 7 Jan 2014
Haston, E2014Minutes for SYNTHESYS3 JRA Objective 1 meeting 21 Jan 2014
Gorman, K2014Kick-off meetings: details for delegates
Haston, E, Harris, D2014Minutes for Synthesys 3 JRA Kick-off meeting 12 Mar 2014
Harris, D, Haston, E2014Main kick of meeting Joint Research Activity
2014JRA kick off meeting presentation
NHMMT2014Kick-off meeting minutes + presentations March 2014
Harris, D, Haston, E2014Synthesys 3 JRA TOI Detailed Plan (Version 1: 01 June 2014)
von Rintelen, T2014NA2 Detailed Workplans
NHMMT2014Reporting: Justification of Resources template
NHMMT2014Reporting: Guidance notes on SYNTHESYS3 Reporting
Gorman, K2014AGM1 agenda + map
NHMMT2014Risk Register version 3 July 2014 (NA1 Deliverable 1.8)
NHMMT2014AGM1 presentations 7 Sep 2014
NHMMT2014AGM1 minutes 7 Sep 2014
Vacek, F, Kvacek, J2014NA3 workplan
NHMMT2014USP and TAF admin documents
Gorman, K2014Cover sheet for deliverables
NHMMT2014Access promotion poster
Bisang, I2014SYNTHESYS_2: Applications across TAFs and User origin
Hudson, L, Livermore, L, Blagoderov, V2015JRA Del 4.1 Edge detection technology report - Inselect
Koerten, H, van den Besselaar, P2015NA3 Del 3.4 Crowdsourcing report Phase 1
Livermore, L, Blagoderov, V2015NA3 Del 3.3 NHM Digitisation Protocol Template APPENDIX
Phillips, S, Green, L, Weech, M-H2015NA3 Del 3.3 Review of Digitisation workflows and equipment
Livermore, L, Tweddle, J, French, L, Phillips, S, Robinson, L, Smith, VS2015NA3 Del 3.4 Crowdsourcing report Phase 2
2015NA3 Del 3.3 NHM Digitisation Protocol Template
NRSG2015SYNTHESYS3 RP1 report and Deliverables
NHMMT2015AGM2 / MTR agenda, minutes (including link to presentations), MTR report + continuation letter
E Haston, etal.2015Automating data capture from natural history specimens
2016S3 NA2 meeting June2016 Berlin - presentations
2016S3 NA3 General Meeting in Prague presentations
NRSG2016SYNTHESYS3 RP2 report and Deliverables
NHMMT2016SYNTHESYS3 summary + statistics August 2016
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